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Management Team

Mario Chaves - CEO and Co-Founder

MARIO CHAVES - CEO AND CO-FOUNDEROver 25 years of software development and engineering management experience.

As Chief Executive Officer at Avantica, Mario leads the company's strategy and direction. His constant pursuit of innovation has led Avantica to become an award winning company in this field; as he was honored for Innovation in the Entrepreneur of the Year Awards in 2009 by a major Costa Rican newspaper,  for leading the company to the development of groundbreaking applications using cutting edge technologies.

Before founding Avantica, Mario was Chief Technology Officer at Babcock & Brown, a leading investment banking firm, where he led a worldwide team and was responsible for all technology strategies and implementations. Before Babcock & Brown,  Mario was Director of Product Development for Intuit, where he led the development of new products for the Quicken product line and managed the development of Intuit's International Products. Prior to that, at Software Publishing Corporation, Mario created Harvard Graphics, which redefined the presentation graphics software category and was largely responsible for the company's growth from $20M to over $100M in revenues. Mario earned an MS in Electrical Engineering from the University of California at Davis.

Luis Carlos Chaves - President and Co-Founder

LUIS CARLOS CHAVES - PRESIDENT AND CO-FOUNDERLuis Carlos Chaves oversees Avantica's daily operations and ensures their alignment with the company's strategic development plans. His vision and eye for detail have seen Avantica through impressive organic growth rates of 30-40% annually since the company's launch in 1993.

Prior to co-founding Avantica Technologies, Luis Carlos was the CTO/CIO of Banco Cuscatlán, a leading commercial bank in Costa Rica, where he was responsible for all software development, IT operations and technology strategy for over 12 years. Luis Carlos has over 20 years of experience in software development and systems architecture. He has also accumulated a wealth of expertise in secure financial systems, network architecture, database design, client server applications and web development.

Henry Marchena - Development Director

Henry Marchena plans and coordinates Avantica's major service areas to ensure that the client receives the highest quality products and services by supervising Avantica´s development centers in Costa Rica and Perú. Henry has played a major role in codifying Avantica's development processes, which now surpass industry standards. His team has also ensured the adaptation and assimilation of new technologies and methodologies within Avantica, maintaining its leading edge in outsourced product development.

Henry has over 20 years experience in systems development and database architecture, concentrating on Internet applications over the last few years. In addition, Henry has expertise in financial applications. At Avantica Technologies, Henry has played a key role in Internet projects developed by the company. Prior to joining the company, Henry was the IT director of a regional bank in Costa Rica, and earned a BS in Systems Engineering from the University of Costa Rica. 

Manfred Bolanos - Administrative Director

Over 19 years experience in accounting and operations management in the banking and securities sector. Prior to joining Avantica Technologies, Manfred worked for Banco Cuscatlán, a leading commercial bank in Costa Rica, where he was responsible for all operational management of a brokerage and mutual funds firms for over 10 years. Manfred has a degree in Public Accounting from the "Universidad Autónoma de Centro América" and an MBA in Banking and Finance from "Fundepos - Universidad de Costa Rica".

Marcela Chaverri - CFO

Marcela oversees the financial management and control of the company, the generation of timely and relevant information for decision-making and corporate strategies while ensuring compliance with tax rules and regulations of all Avantica subsidiaries. Mrs. Chaverri has over 14 years experience in accounting and audit in private audit firms and multinational financial corporations such as CitiBank. Marcela holds a Business Administration degree with emphasis in accounting from Universidad de Costa Rica.

Jorge Inga - General Manager, Avantica Peru

Jorge Inga, is the general manager of Avantica in Lima Peru; he oversees the local strategy and direction of the company. With 20 years of experience in banking operations, trade, communications and retail, Jorge also has knowledge in the technology industry.

Before joining Avantica, Jorge worked as operations manager for NCR, a self-service technology company. Prior to that, Mr. Inga also worked in a technology consulting company, where he served as director of the business communications division for the Andean Region. This Electronic Engineer from the Universidad Nacional de Ingienería de Lima and MBA from Purdue University, also concluded the management program at INCAE Business School in Costa Rica.

Jose Pablo Rodríguez - General Manager, Avantica San Carlos

With over 10 years experience in software development and management of software companies , he and his team starting from scratch have grown a software operation in the Northern Zone of Costa Rica to what today is Avantica San Carlos, helping to boost local talent and promoting other local development initiatives related to high tech.

He has contributed as a consultant with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) in projects coordinated with Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF) and INCAE, where the main goal was to improve international competitiveness of participating SMEs by strengthening business alliances and information technology use.

In 2006 he received the entrepreneurship special mention in the Entrepreneurs of the Year prize and in 2009 the 40 under 40 recognition (Outstanding People) by El Financiero.
He holds a Computer Engineering degree and an MBA in Finance and an MBA in Marketing from ITCR (Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica).