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Avantica Technologies software architects work closely with our customer’s in-house engineering team to deliver innovative software product architecture and design.

We utilize the latest analysis and design methodologies, constructing a solid architecture supporting stable, commercial ready software.

The view Avantica’s architects have of our customer’s products goes far beyond a set of software components and tools. The architecture is designed and constructed following the best practices of ISO 1417 and focusing always on a strategic, innovative product that delivers business value. Our standard view set is based on Eoin Woods and Nick Rosansky’s proven Six View Set, focusing primarily on:

Functional View: Describing the functional elements that support business functionality and stakeholder’s concerns

Information View: Describing the information structure, management and storage model that supports the stakeholder’s data and information needs

Concurrency View: A production distribution of tasks to assure the best use of resources and communication

Deployment View: A correlation between the concurrency processes and the actual hardware and infrastructure required to support the business

Additionally, at another important level Avantica uses the Perspectives concept to ensure all quality attributes like security, performance, scalability, evolvability and reliability will be met by the architecture.

Avantica’s software architects are experienced. They have senior engineering background and attended (and are teaching at) top universities in Latin America. They are both technology generalists and have deep expertise in one or more technologies such as mobile (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile), or enterprise (J2EE, Rails and .NET).

Avantica Architecture Services

Software Solution Construction Management: 
Description: Complete software construction cycle. The architect works in a team from the inception of the product through creation, delivery and acceptance. The main role will be controlling the development to achieve the required functionality and quality properties to obtain the actual expected business value.
Product: The actual application.

Solution Feasibility Study: 
Description: Given the requirements, business value needs and constrains, the architect will perform a feasibility study to confirm the actual proposed solution can be constructed. This regularly implies real business value detection; real constraint detection, technology capabilities study, POCs and trade-off for quality properties.
Product: The Feasibility Report plus any required POC developed.

Architectural Reviews: 
Description: These projects are very common. Actual documented architectures and decisions are evaluated against business goals and requirements, current or future. The result is a document containing an actual state description, problems and strengths and change suggestion to support future requirements.
Product: Software Architecture Description Document updated and a Review report with actual state description, problems and strengths and change suggestion to support future requirements.

Architectural Reconstructions/Archeology:
Description: This is architecture documentation from systems that do not have any documentation, or not enough to describe the architecture. 
Product: Software Architecture Description Document.

Architecture Modernization: 
Description: Legacy systems may require modernization. This kind of project performs an evaluation of the actual legacy architecture, the actual and future needs, and suggests the changes to the architecture to achieve those requirements.
Product: Modernization Plan Document.

Software Architectural Consulting: 
Description: More a set of services than a particular one. The consulting may be about very simple issues or enterprise projects. This includes quick design reviews, technology suggestions, problem case analysis, architectural advice, evaluation of styles, training and best practices evaluation.
Product: Depends on the job, but all will deliver a report covering the consulting work that reviews the job performed, results and suggestions.

Whether you need help from a partner like Avantica that will quickly deliver a team consisting of developers and testers to collaborate closely with your in-house product management and engineering team, or instead need product architecture and design consulting alone, Avantica delivers. We provide quality software engineering.