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Professional Services

Many software product companies are looking for a reliable, economical way to scale their customer support capabilities.

Either their in-house professional services cannot hire quick enough to keep up with escalating product sales, and end-customer expectations, or they’re driven by the need to reduce customer support costs in challenging economic times.

Avantica is helping our software product customers quickly scale-up end-customer product service and support. Offered as either a “white label” or partner model to our customers, Avantica’s Professional Services and Support Solution quickly extends economical, high-quality service and support to software product company end-customers.

Maintaining sophisticated, complex software and systems, building version upgrades, providing customization, integration services and customer training can be costly. Quality, user adoption and ultimately customer satisfaction may suffer without the right number, and quality, of resources. Avantica’s software customers know that some support tasks do not require end-customer onsite interaction. Those tasks that can be performed remotely, effectively, at a lower cost are transitioned to Avantica’s software engineering and support centers in Costa Rica or Peru.


Avantica Professional Services Solution

Our skilled consultants work with software product companies to accelerate software adoption while minimizing disruption to ongoing systems and projects. Solution elements include:

Determine What Model is Best for Your Customer
“White Label” or “Partnership”, you can deliver Avantica consultants to your customer as a non-Avantica branded extension of your internal professional services team, with Avantica consultants working under your personnel. Or, you can offer Avantica consultants as a certified services and support partner to your end-customer

Custom Consulting and Mentoring 
Experienced Avantica professional service consultants are available for large-scale, customized service and support projects that are tailored to meet the unique needs of each customer; as well as small-scale, ongoing support engagements. Custom service consulting leverages industry best practices and methodologies to ensure that activities are carefully planned and customer milestones are met

Private Classroom Training 
Professional Services can be delivered as private classroom training to the customer remotely. It can save your customer money by eliminating travel and hotel expenses. We can tailor courses to meet unique customer needs and challenges.

Avantica’s professional services consultants are experienced. We hire only those that have attended the top 15% of universities in Latin America. Avantica will quickly deliver a consulting team that will work under your in-house professional services organization to ensure end-customer satisfaction. We are committed to quality software engineering and support.