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Release 1.0

You’re a software entrepreneur.  You’ve just launched your company.  You may have even closed on your first round of venture funding.

Your product is Mobile – Cloud – Analytic – Enterprise - Consumer Web - Social Networking - software.  Pick one.  Or, pick something different.

And, you’ve got worries: Funding. Revenue. Profits. People. Location. Competition. Growth. Traffic.

If this is you, Release 1.0 from Avantica Technologies can help.  Now.

What is Release 1.0?

It’s a suite of integrated software engineering services for start-ups.  Designed to help you rapidly and economically scale your software engineering capacity.  Within days.  Not months.  Not quarters.

Release 1.0 from Avantica Technologies solves today’s software engineering supply and demand problem: you need talented developers and testers now.  And, you’re not alone:

“40% of the 130,000 open positions in Silicon Valley are for software engineers… Social Media, Mobile and Cloud Computing companies are driving the growth.”

- U.S. National Venture Capital Association

How does it work?

Release 1.0 for start-ups delivers:


    • Software Developers & Testers
    • Scrum Masters / Project Managers 
    • CTO / VP Engineering
    • Talented, economical and available. 
    • You choose the skill-set you need to integrate into your internal engineering team.


    • Distributed Agile expertise / Agile tools knowledge 
    • Highly collaborative, integrated extension of client’s core team
    • Software engineering specialization, not IT services, partnership model


    • Nearshore – Avantica’s software engineering centers in Costa Rica and Peru
    • U.S. corporation, headquartered in Silicon Valley
    • We’re in your time-zone, we speak your language - English


    • Avantica charges a fixed monthly rate per software engineer
    • Our engineers are 30 days cancellable
    • You gain a dedicated team at a predictable cost

Why Avantica Technologies? 

    1. Leading VCs Accel Partners, Menlo Ventures, Mayfield Fund, Mohr Davidow Ventures and Austin Ventures trust Avantica to help their portfolio companies release their products
    2. We’re a U.S. corporation with 15 years of experience in software engineering services
    3. Our start-up and Software 500 customers have released over 1,500 products with our help during the past 15 years
    4. We specialize in software engineering services – not IT services
    5. We do Agile engineering in your same time-zone
    6. We’re experienced with Java, C/C++, C#, .NET, PHP, Rails, Perl, iOS, Android, SQL, MySQL, the leading testing tools and many other technologies
    7. We’ve helped our clients release Mobile, Cloud, Analytic, Enterprise, Education, Financial, Social Networking and Consumer Web apps
    8. We speak your language – English
    9. Our business culture is Western - based on innovation, collaboration and communication
    10. Our talented software engineers can begin collaborating with your internal engineering team within days

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