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4 Benefits of Agile Dev For Nearshore Software Outsourcing.

Tuesday 09 of January, 2018.
Reading Time: 3 minutes.
By Avantica


Agile Methodology.

The agile development methodology is the best for working with nearshore software development because it lets the client be in total control of the process, even if they are working with another company in another country.

One of the biggest tenants of agile development is the division of projects into smaller pieces. Each piece has planning, check-ins, and constant feedback. This is opposed to the traditional development methodology where the engineers receive the requirements and contact their clients when they have finished in order to get feedback.

This cycle of constant communication, planning, feedback, and rapid feedback has many benefits for businesses and clients. We’re going to talk about four of them below.

Agile Creates More Visibility.

When you have weekly check points and deliveries, you are part of the entire development process. You can feel confident that the project is going well and that you are going to receive a product that meets and exceeds your expectations. And since you are reviewing the functionality of each piece so frequently, you know exactly how the progress is going.

Visibility and transparency are benefits for nearshore especially. Whether you have a development team located in another place, or are hiring a development agency to create a product for you, knowing what is going on and that everything is on track gives you peace of mind.

Agile Improves Adaptability.

This is the reason it is so important that feedback is given every week, or as frequently as you have check points. If you see the project going in a direction that you don’t like so much, you have plenty of opportunities to guide it back on path. Or if your business goals change during development, you can change requirements as needed without disrupting the entire project.

When your development team is located in a nearshore location, like Latin America, adaptability improves your trust in your team. There is no finger crossing that your software product will turn out the way you want. You are able to guide it during the whole process.

Agile Ensures Business Value.

Every software solution you are looking for must deliver value to your business. Instead of waiting to the end to find out if a product will give you the kind of value you need, the constant strategy planning and feedback will help you make sure that each and every piece of the final product will be a valuable solution.

Avantica’s nearshore goals are to be as much part of your team as possible. We use agile methodology to make sure that we are achieving your business goals and providing you with value during every step of the project.

Agile Reduces Risk.

With the agile methodology, you are able to recognize and mitigate risk early on in the project progress. This a direct result of all of those cycles of planning. You don’t have to wait months to find out if something will work or not. You have that confidence from the get go because you are reviewing working pieces of the puzzle.

There is already a lot less risk with nearshore than with offshore, but having a little extra confidence and peace of mind is never a bad thing. Risk mitigation is all about timely planning and sufficient communication, activities that are especially important for nearshore software development. Agile takes care of this by building these two things into its very structure.

About Avantica.

Avantica uses agile development to make sure that our clients and partners are participating actively in the software development process. This strengthens our relationship by improving our communication and your confidence in us.

If you are looking for a software partner who will work towards your own business goals and success, then Avantica is your solution. We offer dedicated teams, team augmentation, and individual projects to our clients, and are constantly looking for the best methodologies in order to give you the best results.

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