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4 Indications Your Nearshore Software Partner Is Qualified

Tuesday 16 of January, 2018.
Reading Time: 2 minutes.
By Avantica


Quality Nearshore Partners.

A big fear of many businesses looking to partner with, or hire, nearshore or offshore companies is that the quality will go down. This is a huge reasons companies don’t look beyond their borders for workforce, production, or expertise. This fear may be valid for many offshore companies, and even nearshore companies despite their closer culture and language. But you don’t have to sacrifice quality to get all of the benefits of nearshore. Here are four indications that a nearshore company is going to deliver the same, or better, quality that you are used to in your own country.

Higher, and continuous, education.

An easy, quantitative metric you can look at is the education level of the potential employees that will be on your team. With a few key questions, you can be satisfied knowing that your new team members have been educated at accredited, quality institutions for their areas. There are several educational institutions and universities in Costa Rica that rank high on a global scale. If your team members have been educated there, then you are set.

Another great, related indicator is continuing education. Does the nearshore company promote and provide opportunities for growing and getting better? If that is an obvious priority for them, then you know they will do a good job.

The most experience and best methodologies.

One thing that sets some companies apart from the rest is their experience. A great indicator of quality is how long a company has been serving their clients and partners. Newer companies might not be able to prove their experience, where some few companies, like Avantica, have over 20 successful years under their belt. You know you can trust a company with that kind of experience. Decades of experience also means that the company you are looking into probably has developed methodologies that really work. You want a nearshore partner who knows what they are doing and knows how to get the best out of their industry.

Cutting edge technology, research, and training.

The one thing everyone knows about the software industry is that technology is always changing. Every day there are more possibilities and changes than we’ve seen in entire years in the past. A quality software partner is going to be prepared for that. They are going to know the new technologies and be highly involved in research and training to make sure they master each new evolution and addition to the industry.

Trustworthy referral rate.

Any company with half a budget can market themselves and appear like the best company out there. But the true indication of quality is in the referrals. A company, like Avantica, where 80% of new business comes from referrals means they have happy clients. You don’t refer a product or a service that didn’t bring value to you. You refer companies that did everything they promised and more. You refer companies that you are truly delighted with. Look for their referral rates and you’ll see the real testament to their value.

About Avantica.

Avantica is all about maintaining the highest levels of quality possible. This means continuous opportunities for improvement for our amazing talent. Combined with the best and newest technology and you won’t be surprised why our referral rates are so high. If you are looking for a software partner who will work towards your own business goals and success, then Avantica is your solution. We offer dedicated teams, team augmentation, and individual projects to our clients, and are constantly looking for the best methodologies in order to give you the best results.

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