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NAture Air


NAture Air


NAture Air


Nature Air contacted us, looking for technical development support, graphic design services, and optimized search engine results positioning of their many sites, all in preparation for several successful digital marketing campaigns. They needed to be able to communicate their promotions to their target audience around the world.


We provided Nature Air with technical support concentrated on migrating their websites and optimizing and clearing up the structure of their websites. We helped them develop and execute a comprehensive marketing strategy that included social media and google ad campaigns that united strategy with graphic design and copywriting.

This strategy also extended into the website lead funnel and included the design and development of a promotions page with the purpose of communicating all current promotions in a straightforward and appealing way.


Migrated and cleared up the structure of their websites.

Improved search engine results ranking- Now ranking in the top 10 sites, consistently when searching Costa Rica flights.

Digital marketing campaigns including the design and execution, increasing purchases by 12%.

30% savings from previous vendor.

AWS optimization.

All updates and optimizations executed without taking down the site.