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One of the Biggest Printer Manufacturers


One of the Biggest Printer Manufacturers


One of the Biggest Printer Manufacturers


Create an iPad application that works with web apps to help the company associates calculate the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of products in different scenarios. Maintain the application relevance and usefulness by being up-to-date with latest technologies.


Guided by a scrum methodology that allowed for small, rapid deliverables to QA throughout the development process, Avantica delighted in creating this application based on latest technologies and empowered by frequent, efficient communication between team members. Automated and manual QA testing ensured a highly functional final product.


Created the Android App and provided ongoing support and development for both Android and iOS apps.

Established an efficient workflow that allowed QA testing throughout the development of the app.

Updated the application to stay current with latest technologies.

Applied best practices throughout the development process in order to provide client with functional and quality code.