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Paid technical certifications
Challenging Projects
Diversity in Projects
Various coding languages
Mentoring Program
Carreer Path
Growth opportunities
Stretching challenges
Soft-skills training


Food Allowance
Medical plan
Social Impact Programs
No dress code
Sports tournaments




Johan Muir

QA Lead

I’m Joan. Have already 11 years in this company. I like that Avantica works with many clients and coding languages. This makes you learn about different frameworks. Avantica strives to be on pace with the technological changes.

Eladio Masis

Project Manager

Hi, I’m Eladio and I really love working here. I got to Avantica in 2005. What I enjoy is stability, commitment and open door policy. Here we’re all equal even a junior developer or an architect everybody are equal.

Juan Esquivel

QA Lead

I’m Esteban. I have been an Avantican for over 15 years!. Back then I had an interview with current CEO and he invited me onboard. I love to travel with Avantica, It’s close to home and projects are never boring.

Ana Julia Fonseca

QA Lead

Hey there, I’m Ana Julia. I applied to Avantica back in 2009. What I really enjoy are the really cool projects you see here. I love that there is a new office close to where I live so I don’t have to commute and then I can spend time with my family and friends.

Dominique Carvajal

Senior Software Engineer

Hi, I’m Dominique. I started working here since July 18th 2011. I knew about this opportunity because of a Professor. I really enjoy being in Avantica because of all the different projects I worked in and all the knowledge I get from different people. Avantica pushed me to learn about my weaknesses, my strengths. There is a different challenge every day. I really enjoy spending time with my team, they are passionate and a bit geek.

Adriana Chavarría

QA Lead

My name is Adriana. I joined Avantica 6 years ago and today I can say this is a great place. I fully enjoy the challenge, the strength you have to project by being a leader in this company. The projects and the friendship you show here are the most important assets you get.

Mauricio Alas

Senior Software Engineer

I started here in March 1997, just 1 year after Avantica started as a company. I came here as a referral. What I really admire from Avantica is labor stability. I have learned all what I know about technology and coding here. You will never get bored and you will be always thrill about the complexity of the projects. I enjoy the people, they’re my second family.

Tsen Chung

Software Engineer III

Hey, I’m Tseng. I started at Avantica 4 years ago. I really enjoy how leaders push you to achieve new goals. I met a lot really top coders and they are always willing to share their knowledge. I enjoy being helpful towards my team.


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